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Established between 1410 and 1413, University of St. Andrews is amongst the earliest formed universities in the English-speaking world. It is also the first university of Scotland and offers a world-class educational experience. This university was constituted by the issuance of a papal bull by an assembly of Augustinian clergy. St. Andrews is a public university and it is administered by the Universities Act of 1858.

Situated in the rural spaces of Fife in Scotland, the university has its buildings, libraries and students residences spread across St. Andrews. It has 15 residence halls that provide accommodation to professors and students within the campus. The university has an extensive library on the campus that maintains a notable collection of books, muniments, photographs, and manuscripts. The library has more than a million volumes with approximately 200,000 rare and unique books. The university also has several museums and galleries that display an extensive collection of the university's artifacts. Further, the university is home to more than 140 student societies that cover a variety of interests such as music, debate and mass communication, theatre and sports.

The University of St. Andrews has three colleges namely United College, St Leonard's College, and St Mary's College. The academic structure of the university comprises of 18 academic schools and departments organized into four faculties. St. Andrews offers a plethora of degree programs focused on ancient history, medicine, art, applied sciences, management, mathematics, philosophy, languages, music, creative writing, etc. The university is a participant of the Erasmus Programme that allows direct exchanges with European universities.

Recently, the university has also developed student exchange partnerships with various Asian and Australian universities. More than 8,984 students have enrolled in the University of St. Andrews for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. The university staff includes notable scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, theologians, and politicians. The university also has students and faculty members from 137 countries.

The University of St. Andrews has a comprehensive network of 50,000 alumni including the 8000 alumni living across 50 states of U.S. The university has many notable names associated with it such as Benjamin Franklin and James Wilson, the founding fathers of the United States. The alumni list also includes John Napier (discoverer of Logarithms), Rudyard Kipling (journalist and author), Bob Dylan (singer and writer), Louise Minchin (BBC news presenter), Hillary Clinton (politician and lawyer), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (actor), William Arthur Philip Louis (Duke of Cambridge), Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge), Alex Salmond (former Prime Minister of Scotland) and Chris Hoy (Olympic gold medalist in cycling).

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نمره PTE : 69.0
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1087 world university ranking QS
1087 world university ranking QS
1087 world university ranking QS
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