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NLC is a member of British Columbia Colleges (BC Colleges), a group of 11 colleges from throughout the Province of British ColumbiaBC Colleges has a unique regional advantage and a lcollaboration with industry, employers, communities and policy makers.Programs are designed to provide students the opportunity to obtain the classroom education, and supplement to make the successful transition from student to employee.

شرایط زندگی

Student Life

Life At Northern Lights College

Student Life is quite interesting as it brings various services and develops a sense of community that fosters a great level of education in the individuals in the long run. Various recreational opportunities are available for students, including the luncheons, games, etc.

Accommodation at Northern Lights College

The college offers on-campus facilities in the form Of homestays and Residence halls. It also provides off-campus housing details.

Northern Lights College On-Campus Accommodation

  • On-campus accommodation is available to freshman students only at two campuses which are Dawson Greek and Fort St. John.
  • It is in the form of halls and Deluxe Residence Halls.
  • A proper application needs to be filed meeting the deadlines properly.
  • The campus halls provide all the basic facilities like food services, medical services, and the retail sector too.
  • Cable, Internet, Laundry is also tied with it.

Northern Lights College Off-Campus Accommodation

  • Off-Campus accommodation is quite preferred by students to reduce the financial burden on students.
  • The average rate would be around CAD 650-750 per month.
  • The College provides housing Mediation Services.
  • The facilities include furniture, AC and internet facilities. The residences can be in the form of Apartments, three-bedroom apartments, and four-bedroom apartments.
  • All the off-campus options are located at a very less distance from the university.

Key Attractions

  • The college is an attractive private institution where students come from far places to study.
  • The campus is large and glorious, where students can spend a great time.
  • The services given to students are quite appreciable like financial aid, library, etc.
  • The placement of the university is very good and gives the student a chance to shine brightly in their career.
  •  It is one of the top universities and those seeking courses in visual arts, filmmaking, law, architecture, social science.

Career at Northern Lights College

Careers is the main priority when it comes to college. The graduate employability rating of the place is quite high, because of which a large number of students are interested in taking part in the educational process of the university. The career center proves to be very helpful.

Jobs After Studying At Northern Lights College

College provides job opportunities in the topmost sectors of the economy. The majority of jobs are offered to engineering students and business professionals. Students are also given hands-on experience in various fields through internships and training mechanism. Business Consultants and accountants are largely preferred. Career planning tools are also available.

Placements At Northern Lights College

The college has benefitted a lot from Canada's growing GDP as it proves to be a mechanism that facilitates placements at a larger pace. The salary offered to a  graduate of college is around CAD 70000. The companies that conduct placement drives at college are Microsoft, Deloitte, Tesla, KPMG, etc.

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