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Over the past 50 years Centennial College has transformed itself from a local community college to a worldly institution with a presence in several emerging markets, including China, India, South Korea and Brazil.It's core focus, as it has always been, is on preparing graduates to enter the work force, while offering the students distinct ways to learn to be leaders. It has worked to build lasting partnerships with local communities while preparing graduates to succeed in a global context.Locally it continues to offer industry-recognized full- and part-time programs at four Toronto campuses. Whether in classrooms, labs or the community, students of Centennial experience the "real world" even before they graduate. They're job ready. And that's a fact employers tell, as more than 94 percent of those hiring Centennial grads are satisfied or very satisfied with their hires.

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Student Life

Life At Centennial College

Student life is bliss when it comes to Centennial College. The experience is a combination of student health & wellness, career services, and cooperative education that inspires the individual to strive for the best of life at the college. Athletics & recreation are an important part of the lively culture at the college, providing students the chance to develop their personality.

Accommodation at Centennial College

Centennial offers both on-campus and off-campus housing facilities to its students. It provides convenience and freedom at quite affordable rates.

Centennial College On-Campus Accommodation

  • The on-campus housing is a place of fully-furnished units.
  • It consists of professional management providing the necessary facilities to the students.
  • It is a place designed for the community, including the necessary amenities required.
  • Individual bedroom doors, 24/7 emergency maintenance is also available within the housing facilities.
  • The rooms are good for international students as they offer a convenient location to stay in.

Centennial College Off-Campus Accommodation

  • Private listings of residence halls are compiled by the institution in case of no availability of on-campus options.
  • The rentals are generally located at a walking distance from the campuses.
  • The student association helps the students to seek out the best place to live.
  • Off-campus housing has all the necessary facilities and amenities.
  • The support can be taken from Padmapper, Viewit, Centennial Housing Facebook Group, and Centennial International Facebook Page.

Key Attractions

  • 2000000 learners have graduated from this college.
  • Botany Hill Park, Bluffers Park are an important part of college attraction.
  • The current method of teaching, followed by the college is Signature Learning Experience.
  • Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experiences are an important element of college development.
  • The college has helped with certain economic situations in Canada.

Career at Centennial College

Careers is at the first-place when it comes to Centennial College. It offers to advise services to students to make their pathway to success a smoother journey. Personal Counselling Services are also available to guide the students fruitfully. Career is the most significant element of education.

Jobs After Studying At Centennial College

The Centennial College provides job opportunities to its students, especially those belonging to the domain of engineering, business, and law. The graduate employment rate of the college is quite high and productive. The students of the college are employed in the major sectors of the economy.

Placements At Centennial College

The college provides field-placement to encourage work-related expertise. The placements of full-time courses are mostly in the school Of business with an overall success rate of 80%. The students hold corporate positions with the help of networks of the college. The work placements are also an important part of the curriculum.

Centennial College Notable Alumni

  • John Candy
  • Jennifer Valentyne
  • Murtz Jaffer
  • Andes Yue
  • Tobias Enverga


The colleges under the Centennial College are:

  • School of Advancement
  • The Business School
  • School of Communications, Media, Arts, and Design
  • School of Community and Health Studies
  • School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts
  • School of Transportation
  • School of Dumisa Mndzebele

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نمره PTE : 51.0
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